Tuesday, 17 December 2013

What is Emoji?

Many people actually do not know what is emoji.  Let us give you a brief introduction.


Cute and Fun
- Pre-installed in iPhone
- Commonly used in messaging apps
- Used to express feelings
- Smileys faces
- Japanese pronunciation
- Originally from Japan
- Meaning pictograph   (E)"Picture" + (Moji)"Letter"
- Has different kinds of categories

You may not even discover that there are actually more than 800 emoji for you to use.  As the icons are cute and pretty expressive, so many people are happy to use them within the conversation.  Here are some examples of each category. 





Hand Gestures

As emoji are constantly being used, there are some mobile games released earlier which are related to emoji. Please feel free to read here

I guess you can understand more about "what is emoji" now. Feel free to use them more when you are chatting with your friends.


Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas is Coming!! Emoji Art for X'mas 2013

[One week before Christmas] Time flies really fast and it's already in the mid of December.  On the street, Christmas trees are surrounding. In the mall, Christmas deals are flooding. How about on your phone?

Every festival, I received many emoji greeting arts from my relatives and friends. How about you? Emoji Art is cute and cheerful to share with your friends and relatives. If you don't want to create your own or you just don't want to copy from friends, there are some apps for you to take reference. You can modify them a bit to make them special, for example you might add your name into the art. Here are my two recommendations.

Among all emojicon art apps, this is the one I like the most. With clear user interface, it makes users easy to search through the apps. There are 9 categories, such as Xmas, Valentine, Holiday, Birthday etc. You just need to swipe it through by your finger and check out all templates. Tap the one you like, click "Copy to Clipboard" and it's saved. You can paste on Whatsapp or other messaging apps, modify a bit and then send to your loved ones.

Emoji 2 emoticon art free
The second one is more diversified. Not only emoji art, they integrated emoji with symbols. Same as the above, the patterns are categorised by different occasions which it's convenient for users. Also there are more modifications in the art.  Usage is simple as well, operation is just the same as the above app.

Free feel to try them out. Modify and create your own unique piece of emoji art! Send your friends and relatives a cute warm season greating.